Deluxe Travel Market (DTM) is the premier platform connecting the global elite of the luxury travel industry, featuring prestigious representatives from five-star hotels, Destination Management Companies (DMCs), tourism offices, elite medical clinics, and premium-class transportation providers, including aviation, cruises, and villa rentals. DTM offers unparalleled opportunities for hotel promotion and showcasing luxury services.

We do more than just organize exhibitions; we craft a realm where the finest in luxury travel convene.

Engage directly with leading luxury travel agents and luxury travel industry leaders from around the world, leveraging DTM for market expansion strategies and international luxury travel and services promotion.

Beyond formal meetings, DTM encourages informal communication and immersive experiences, fostering genuine interactions and cross-market collaborations among attendees.

With a global footprint in locations such as Spain, Italy, Switzerland, Poland, Romania, Kazakhstan, Uzbekistan, Latvia, Georgia, and Azerbaijan, DTM is a strategic platform for entering new luxury tourism markets.

DTM serves as the ultimate venue for those looking to elevate their presence in the high-end tourism market, providing a comprehensive toolkit and services to achieve global recognition and success.